Hello! I'm Joe.

When I find a good website, I hit inspect to find all the good packages & fonts. 
When I find a beautiful book, I look at the copyright page to find out who put it together.
The Stinky Cheese Man was a foundational text for me. 
⚙️ skills
🎨 Adobe Creative Suite •  Sketch App • Abstract • Figma • Paper & Pencil
🖥 React, Javascript, HTML & CSS.
💼 resume

an image of me at work

🚴🏼‍♂️ volunteering
I have volunteered for Make the Road NY, delivering food to neighbors in Jackson Heights, Queens. 
Other groups nearby I've helped at briefly were Sunnyside-Woodside Mutual AidThe Connected Chef, and Vaccine Fairy.
In past years I've also volunteered with the Prison Creative Arts Project at the University of Michigan. 

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