After taking an introductory Linguistics course taught by Professor Samuel Epstein, I was excited by the subject, and surprised that I hadn't learned about it earlier in my life. I realized that in middle school, one learns at least a bit about physics, chemistry, geography, psychology, and other subjects, but the study of language was absent. Upon further research, I was disappointed to see how few accessible texts there were on the subject– perhaps because the field of study is so relatively new and full of internal debate.

Language, like history or chemistry, is something that surrounds our world, yet the wonder of it is often ignored or unappreciated. Under the guidance of Linguistics Professor Sam Epstein and Design Professor Hannah Smotrich, I spent a semester attempting to write and illustrate an abstract picture book about the wonder of human language, accessible to someone with no background in linguistics. 

Below is a selection of pages from the project. 
A big thank you to Prof. Sam Epstein and Prof. Hannah Smotrich for your investment, guidance, patience, and occasional necessary lack of patience. 

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